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Go To Sleep, Little Farm
Mary Lyn Ray

It's a double release day here at EMLA as Mary Lyn Ray's picture book, GO TO SLEEP, LITTLE FARM and Jeannie Mobley's middle-grade novel, SEARCHING FOR SILVERHEELS, hit bookshelves. Publisher's Weekly gave LITTLE FARM a starred review, saying it "reads like a sequel to GOODNIGHT, MOON, with the same offbeat humor and incantatory language" and SILVERHEELS was praised by Kirkus Reviews as "an engrossing, plausible story of several unlikely feminist heroines with a touch of romance and intrigue." Congratulations, Mary Lyn and Jeannie! Here's wishing these books into the hands of readers everywhere!


Not Very Scary
Carol Brendler

"In a delightful Halloween romp that’s part counting book, part tongue twister, Brendler and Pizzoli cram the pages with comically ghoulish chaos, and his smiley creatures (Melly included) are more cute than bloodcurdling." ~ Punlisher's Weekly, starred review. August release.

All Those Broken Angels
Peter A. Salomon

Salomon creates the sensation of slipping between the worlds of the living and the dead. A complex, intense mystery that surprises and chills. ~ Publisher's Weekly. September release.

Not in the Script
Amy Finnegan

"Emma and Jake come across as attractive not just in looks, but in personality too, and the rest of the cast provide spice. Readers who've logged plenty of Disney Channel hours should enjoy this inside look at celebrity life." —Kirkus Reviews. October release.