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Tara Lazar and the Secrets of Way Past Bedtime
The Monstore
Tara Lazar

All right, how many of you have your own copies of THE MONSTORE? (If not, what are you waiting for? It's the perfect time of year for this baby!) Those of you have already read this quirky and charming picture book have some idea what a fabulous storyteller is our own Tara Lazar. And that's further illustrated by the great list of forthcoming picture books marching along toward publication.

Is that enough, good People of the Internet? No, IT IS NOT!

I'm thrilled today to announce a brand new picture book deal for Tara Lazar. WAY PAST BEDTIME is yet another hilariously quirky, tongue-in-cheek story about a little boy who has had enough of being packed off to bed while his parents stay up and have all the fun. He's determined... no matter what the cost!... to expose what REALLY goes on Way Past Bedtime.

This fabulous new book-to-be has sold once again to Alyson Heller at Aladdin. Be on the lookout for it in Fall 2016. Hooray, Tara!

~ Joan


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