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Here Comes Santa Cat
Deborah Underwood

There's a song I knew from camp that has a way of getting in your mind and staying there awhile: "The Cat Came Back." No matter how many ways Old Mr. Johnson tried to get rid of that cat, it just kept coming on back.

We have no desire whatsoever to get rid of the rascally Cat from Deborah Underwood's NYT-bestselling HERE COMES THE EASTER CAT—in fact, we're pleased as punch to say that not only did HERE COMES SANTA CAT come out earlier this week, but HERE COMES THE TOOTH FAIRY CAT will come out next year—and now we've wrapped up a new deal for Cat #4: HERE COMES VALENTINE CAT, to be released in time for Valentine's Day 2016!

I wish I could properly express how very much I wish you could all see TOOTH FAIRY CAT right now, and how happy I am at the brainstorming going on for VALENTINE CAT. Deborah has a terrific way of taking the established format and twisting it just enough to give us new insight into our dear Cat, and give him new foils to play off of, and make us say "Aww!" just the right amount—and the rest of the team, illustrator Claudia Rueda, editor Jessica Garrison, and all the design and marketing folks at Dial, is spot-on with their collaboration and their continued celebration of this character. In fact, Deborah recently recorded the narration for audiobook versions of EASTER CAT and SANTA CAT, and every week, book trailers are being storyboarded and sly, winking ads are being developed. It seems like Cat is always with us through our workdays, and what could possibly be better?

Huge congrats, Deborah, on this latest deal and all the exciting new Cat things underway!



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